Revamping the site contents…

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Hi folks, sorry for the delay to post any new contents and I am extremly sorry for inconveience caused to BSNL users who have emailed, posted comments  but not getting any reply…

With a 12 hours/perday  powercut for the past one year, and living in a hell, not Afganistan, but in ‘singara chennai’ sub-urb..

Several news need clarification during that period..

BSNL has raised Tariff rates!

Bsnl charging Offnet calls.. so customer had to pay more and talk less..

Delhi high court has held present Deputation of DOT officers in top management to end within six months..

to circumvent it cabinet passed ‘ that the deputation end in ten years.. thus present BSNL management is illegally usurping and destroying the BSNL as they have no more legitimat roles ..

It is like Allahabad high court judgement on Rajnaraine VS smt IndiraGandhi,, where it lead to emergency ..

so please watch the space.. i sincerely hope that In first of April power situation will be normal in Tamil Nadu, so i will share you my posts… for the note to readers please ignore the BSNL Tariff pages..

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India after 50 years war with China !

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“I remember many a time when our senior generals came to us, and wrote to the defence ministry saying that they wanted certain things… If we had had foresight, known exactly what would happen, we would have done something else… what India has learnt from the Chinese invasion is that in the world of today there is no place for weak nations… We have been living in an unreal world of our own creation.”

The statement was made by then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in Rajya Sabha, in 1963, after India’s humiliating defeat at the hands of China. It is an eye opening statement from a leader who always viewed international politics from his own utopian prism.

The defeat in the 1962 border war made him realise that there is indeed no place for weak nations in the world politics.

“In the political and diplomatic fields too, significant changes came through the 1962 episode, bringing more realism,” notes the official Indian history of the border war between India and China.

The India-China war was an eye-opener for India. But even after 50 years, the people of India are not aware of the circumstances and reasons that led to India’s defeat.

It is not China’s betrayal that led to India’s defeat..From 1960 itself various military inputs suggest unusual Chinese military in the northern NEFA border. It is Nehru’s belief, and Menon’s arrogance, coupled with his crony general’s tactical mistake,and Indian political leadership decision not to use Indian Air force led to these bloodshed.

4000 officers and solders perished and for 50 years we constantly refused to acknowledge their sacrifices,  

Last moments of 4th Rajput
Lagyala Gompa, the last monastery is located on a high feature overlooking the
Morshing Valley as well as the route Lt Col Bramhanand Avasthywas taking. There was a plateau just
before it made its steep climb to the monastery. It was an ideal killing field.
Unfortunately a 500 strong Chinese unit had already moved in behind and one
group was waiting in ambush at Lagyala Gompa. As Avasthy and his approached
the Gompa they came under heavy fire from the Chinese. Avasthy and his men
hit back. They could have probably chosen to fall back and look for another way
around but decided to fight the Chinese. Although lacking heavy firepower
Avasthy launched a 2 pronged counter attack. The battle was fierce and the
Chinese annoyed by the casualties they were taking tried to isolate Avasthy and
cut him off. But Avasthy’s men surrounded their gallant leader and fought to the
bitter end. Finally it came down to hand to hand combat and after a few hours the

Chinese prevailed. The battlefield was a ghastly sight. Over 200 Chinese bodies
and 126 Indian bodies littered the area. Every Indian was killed or wounded ie
100 percent casualties. Among them were Avasthy and his fellow officers. A
shepherd boy who later became the Head Lama of the monastery is the only
witness to this heroic episode. The Chinese dug a mass grave for the Indians and
left a flattened ration tin with the names of the officers. After the ceasefire the
bodies were retrieved. Avasthy’s body was found with a blood soaked letter to his
A company led by Major KPP Nair some how find this mas grave and identifies the corpes.

It is an irony that the war started and ended with Rajput battalions bearing the
brunt of Chinese attacks. In Lt Col Bramhanand Avasthy the Regiment and the
Indian Army lost one of its finest officers.



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Kamaraj-The tale of King maker

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In Virudhu patti the modern day Virudhunager Kumarasamy – Sivakami Ammal gave birth a male child in 15th July of 1903. they gave a female name’ kamatchi’ than after everyone calling him ‘Raja’ (King) combined with he was called as  ‘kamaraja’ His School life is very short, after joining Khastriya Vidya sala”(present KVS) he had to left his school as sorrow struck consequewntly as both his Grand father and father died, leaving the entire family in the hands of young boy ‘kamaraja’

He joined as an apprentice in his maternal uncle Karuppiah’s cloth shop after dropping out of school.But his mind was not on business, attracted by Gandhi’s National Movement,he would slip out from the shop to join processions and attend public meetings addressed by orators like Dr. Varadarajulu Naidu. His relatives frowned upon Kamaraj ‘s budding interest in politics. They sent him to Thiruvananthapuram to work at another uncle’s timer shop.

At the age of 16, Kamaraj enrolled himself as full-time worker of the Congress Party. He invited speakers, organized meetings and collected funds for the party. He also participated in the march to Vedaranyam led by C. Rajagopalachari as part of the Salt Satyagraha of March 1930.

Kamaraj was arrested and sent to Alipore Jail in Calcutta for two years. He was 27 at the time of his arrest and was released in 1931 following the Gandhi-Irwin Pact. Kamaraj was implicated in the Virudhunagar bomb case two years later. Dr. Varadarajulu Naidu and George Joseph argued on Kamaraj’s behalf and proved the charges to be baseless. Kamaraj was arrested again in 1940 and sent toVellore Central Prison while he was on his way to Wardha to get Gandhiji’s approval for a list of satyagrahis.

On 13 April 1954, K. Kamaraj became the Chief Minister of Madras Province. To everyone’s surprise, Kamaraj nominated C. Subramaniam and M. Bhakthavatsalam, who had contested his leadership, to the newly formed cabinet.

Kamaraj removed the family vocation based Hereditary Education Policyintroduced by Rajaji. He reopened the 6000 schools closed by previous government for financial reasons and also added 12000 more schools. The State made immense strides in education and trade. New schools were opened, so that poor rural students were to walk no more than 3 miles to their nearest school. Better facilities were added to existing ones. No village remained without a primary school and no panchayat without a high school. Kamaraj strove to eradicate illiteracy by introducing free and compulsory education up to the eleventh standard. He introduced the Mid-day Meal Scheme to provide at least one meal per day to the lakhs of poor school children (first time in the whole world). He introduced free school uniforms to weed out caste, creed and class distinctions among young minds.

During British regime the education was only 7 percent. But in Kamaraj’s period it was 37% . During Rajaji’s period there were 12000 schools in the state. Whereas it was 27000 in the period of Kamaraj. Apart from increasing number of schools, steps were taken to improve standard of education. To improve the standards number of working day were increased from 180 to 200. Unnecessary holidays were reduced. Syllabus were prepared to give opportunity to various abilities.

During his period IIT Madras was started.

Major irrigation schemes were planned in Kamaraj’s period . Lower BhavaniMani Muthuar Cauvery Delta ,Aarani River Vaigai Dam ,Amravathi Sathanur ,Krishnagiri Pullambadi ,Parambikulam and NeyyaruDams were among them . The Lower Bhavani Dam in Coimbatore district was constructed with an expenditure of Rs 10/- Crores. 2,07,000 acres of land are under cultivation.

45,000 acres of land are benefited through Mettur canal of Salem. Another scheme was Krishnagiri in the same district. Vaigai , Sathanur facilitate to cultivate thousands of acres of lands in Madurai and North Arcot districts respectively. Rs 30 crores were planned to spend for Parambikulam River scheme in Kamaraj’s period. This has helped for the development of Coimbatore district in agriculture field.

Number of dams were constructed under his rule are

  • Manimuthar Dam,
  • Vaikai Dam.
  • Aliyar Dam.
  • Sathanur Dam.
  • Krishnagiri Dam.

.Industrial Development 

Industries with huge investments in crores of Rupees were started in his period. Neyveli Lignite Scheme, Raw photo film industry at Nilgri, Surgical instruments factory at Guindy, Sugar factories , Bi-Carbonates factories, Cement factories, Railway Coach factory at Perambur, Mettur paper industry were started in the period of Kamaraj. These are the back-bone for the development of the nation.

Other industries which were started his period are

Many schemes were started to generate electicity like Guntha hydro power station, Ooty and Neyveli thermal power station. During his period, Tamil Nadu was developing in all fronts.

Kamaraj remained Chief Minister for three consecutive terms, winning elections in1957 and 1962. Kamaraj noticed that the Congress party was slowly losing its vigor. He came up with a plan which was called the “Kamaraj Plan“.

On 2 October 1963, he resigned from the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Post. He proposed that all senior Congress leaders should resign from their posts and devote all their energy to the re-vitalization of the Congress.

In 1963 he suggested to Nehru that senior Congress leaders should leave ministerial posts to take up organisational work. This suggestion came to be known as the Kamaraj Plan, which was designed primarily to dispel from the minds of Congressmen the lure for power, creating in its place a dedicated attachment to the objectives and policies of the organisation. Kamaraj was elected President, Indian National Congress, on 9 October 1963.

Well impressed by the achievements and acumen of Kamraj, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru felt that his services were needed more at the national level. In a swift move he brought Kamaraj to Delhi as the President of the Indian National Congress. Nehru realised that if he had wide learning and vision, Kamaraj possessed enormous common sense and pragmatism.

Kamaraj gave a simple advice to his ministers, “Face the problem. Don’t evade it. Find a solution, however small. People will be satisfied if you do something.” Followed by him a number of Central and State ministers like
Lal Bahadur ShastriJagjivan RamSatyendra Narayan SinhaMorarji Desaiand S.K. Patil followed suit and resigned from their posts. In 1964, Kamaraj was elected ‘Congress President’ and he successfully navigated the party and the nation through the stormy years following Nehru’s death. Kamaraj’s political maturity came in full view when Nehru died in 1964. How he settled the succession issue for the Prime Ministership was amply proved by his choice of Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi in succession 

Though he is a national leader he never be a family man. whenever his mother argued for his marriage, After independence i will get married” So when after independence, his mother reminded him, he told her.’ mother don’t talk such matter.. i am old now.. why did you want to ruin another woman’s life”

When Kamraj was a Chief ministerhis mother requested him to provided a handpumb’ borewell, near her house, as she is old and not able to fetch water from the ‘ teppam ‘(TANK).  immediately kamarajar roared like a lion’ Are you mad? because being chief minister doesnot mean i have to spend public money for the family…there are crores people who are fetching water even miles away..

his anger at his motherm made not to visit his house during the tenure of chief ministership

Once over Virudhunagar Prime Minister Jawaharlal went in an open car. A flood of people on both sides of the road!  when he noticed a old woman was standing and watchin kamarajar, and kamarajar is avoiding her glance. on seeing he inquired with theMinister of Education C.Subramaniam . He told the lady was kamarajar’s Mother . Nehru jumped from the car and  went over  Sivagami , enquire about her health , When he asked what she want,’ please be my guest for this day’. kamarajar objected about delaying of  party programme. But Nehru overruled him,spent few minutes with kamarajar’s Mother. he was surprised to learn that it was years that kamarajar visited his Mother and eaten there.

When kamarajar died he left with a paiseless just owned a pair of chappels dozen of Books, his family was in poor condition even the house was taken by the state..He live like a hermit, died as a simple man..

When emergency was declared, he was the one leader that Indira Gandhi refused to arrest. But it hurt him very bad when national leaders were put behind bars, and civil liberty suspended..tears flowed from him,’ This is going to be worse’

he never recover from that shock It was on the birth Day of Gandhi, another ‘KALA GANDHI” as he was famously called for breathed his last..


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My precise! Fear not the Lion!

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In Linux world every distro realease is like a Divali! for the ubuntu fan it come to April and october for every year..But after  unity ‘s introduction there is a stunned silence, several developers and fans are now turning to mint only..I my self cann’t use Ubuntu, but curiousty kill the crow! so i took the final plung… before hand I had to say something about ubuntu’s new 12.04 Precise Pangolin

It has a new quick search feature called the HUD, some new privacy settings, a few tweaks to the Unity interface, and more.

This release is another “Long Term Support” release, meaning Canonical will support it for longer than other versions—five years

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re using a program, and want to do something specific that you know is in the menus, but you just don’t know where? The new HUD solves that problem. Just hit Alt, and a search bar will pop up in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. From there you can type in what you’re looking for, and it will return any menu items that match your queris.

Over time, it also learns from your previous choices to make the search more and more accurate

the “Appearance” panel in the software’s system settings lets you more easily configure some properties of Unity

power savings, RC6–the technology that allows GPUs to go into a very low power consumption state when the GPU is idle–is now enabled by default for Sandy Bridge systems. The result can be improvements of between 40 and 60 percent in power usage under idle loads,

Don’t like Unity?

I dunno why, I also used to hate unity too. But Unity is getting better

and if you still don’t want unity, you can google on Cinnamon, Gnome 2 or Gnome shell to replace unity with it.

like this

also I’m getting tired of people comparing Ubuntu with linux Mint.

even if Linux mint best Ubuntu, the linux community would go no where like the last 10/15 years

While Ubuntu is the only Linux Distro that is going out of the PC Box

whole the way to Tablets, TV and Mobile

and ask yourself, what has Mint done?

Alternatively, the good folks at Cairo Dock can help us with just adding a function of window titles / names in their Dock in ‘Panel view’. Problem solved. Best of both worlds, Classic & Unity!

Ofcourse I lavishing the praise but, lets us come to the practical user part

Installed in my Lenova Thinkpad X120E, which already housed Win 7,pear Linux and Linux Mint 12.

Shocked to see ‘Grub rescue> message on reboot.. In my assembed AMD box which housed the same Oses, also same problem..In both cases I manually installed ‘pRECISE’ on Pear Linux place. in my Thinkpad case,using the Ubuntu Cd in the Live mode, reinstalled the grub..

In my Desktop simply deleted the failed ubuntu partition again recreated it, installed ubuntu..This is strange.. AFTER 9.04 i never seen this message ‘grub rescue’ in every Linux installation,in my Desktop as well as my friends laptops..
After experimenting with unity’s HUD, my next shock was, network manager not recognising my BSNL ;Capitel EVDO modem…until 11.10 ubuntu work fne . After finding the vendor id and product id from ‘lsusb ‘ command in Terminal I edit the etc/modules file and wrote it, so I need not retyping the same..Now EVDO is fine..Now I know ehy ‘Linux Mint is now on top of DW..

One great improvement that Precise has over other distributions,(Including mint) is it has a great power saving which is a life saver for my Thinkpad x102e.. another great features is without installing the any additional propritary ATI drivers it work great.. still to evolvate before finally love it or hate it..


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BSNL’s ‘Pantel’ blow out ‘Aakash’

February 25, 2012 2 comments

BSNL, the state-owned telecom giant, has launched a new tablet in India that wants to take the failing Aakash tablet head-on. Noida-based company Pantel Technologies was tapped to produce the T-Pad IS 710r and it’s priced at just Rs. 3,250, o– a fraction above the  Aakash price with better configuration.

The Penta TPAD IS701R is a powerful tablet solution at an unbelievably affordable price you may never have dreamed of! An Android OS based system with a high resolution 7” resistive touch screen (TFT Display) coupled with a powerful 1GHz processor and inbuilt DDR II 256M RAM give you best performance in the entry level category. You have all the controls in a single finger touch mode. Browse web wirelessly or enjoy media playback on this entry level Penta TPAD. The built in 2GB memory can be expanded upto 32GB using the onboard TF Card slot.

More about the data plans is here

Bundling PANTEL – Data palns 21-02-12

with regards,


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BSNL increases BB speed and other Goodies!

February 23, 2012 Leave a comment

BSNL has recently increased some of  UL plans speed in double to certain limit , now users are wondering what are the plans suitable for them. so the PDF file attached with the post will help them, though the DATA inside applicable to All India basis, check with your circle BSNL websites for special plans..

Tariff details clik here:bbupdate220212

A.8.  Promotional Schemes under Broadband services for the prospective broadband customers
registering their broadband connection upto 31-03-2012
1)  Security Deposit for broadband ( as applicable for the opted plan) may be taken in three
equal monthly installments starting from first bill.
2)  Free VAS on Broadband as follows :-
a.  Free Games on Demand ( M/s Indiagames ) casual package worth Rs 100/- per
month for one month
b.  Free Music and Video on Demand ( M/s Hungama ) package worth Rs 149/- per
month for one month.
3)  One GSM Mobile Prepaid SIM ( MRP Rs 20/- is  offered free to all the new broadband

A.9 ( Concession under landline  for the NLBB and Combo Plans )
1) Zero Deposit will be collected for new Landline booked under NLBB and Combo Plans at the time
of booking initially. However,  the SD for landline ( Local+STD Rs 500; Local + STD+ ISD Rs 2000; Rs
500 for Sulabh with outgoing only on ITC) will be collected in the first bill along with other dues.  This
offer is valid upto 28-05-2012
2) Rebate of Rs 200 for Rural and Rs 250 for Urban customers is offered  on landline installation
charges, subject to the condition that the telephone instrument is purchased by the customer on his
own. In addition to that, a rebate by way of discount in terms of rupees equivalent to 300 MCUs @
100 MCUs per month for first three months with effect from 2nd
billing cycle. This offer is valid for
the connections registered between 01-02-2012 and 30-04-2012.

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BSNL launches WiMAX in CHENNAI Sub-Urban areas!

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

BSNL Chennai Telephones has launched WiMAX, the fourth generation technology for wireless broadband, in 15 mofussil areas around Chennai
Chennai Telephones Chief General Manager A. Subramanian said each of the 15 BTS towers set up in these locations would provide wireless broadband services within a radius of 10-15 km and have capacity to network about 1,000 subscribers with a little back-end scaling up of bandwidth.
WiMAX (Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access) is an IP-based wireless broadband technology that provides Internet access for any device on any network within a designated zone. BSNL can offer wireless connectivity for a 15-km line of sight range in rural areas at speeds ranging between 256 Kbps and 2 Mbps. Unlike the limited access area that a Wi-Fi hotspot serves, WiMAX represents 4G wireless broadband technology that can link up larger areas.
The new WiMAX spots are Uthiramerur, Chengalpattu, Anna Nagar, Maraimalainagar, Gummidipoondi SIPCOT, Kelambakkam, Thiruvallur M/W, Oragadam, Sriperumbudur, Manali New Town, Melmaruvathur, Maduranthagam, Thirukazhukundram, Thatchur, Medavakkam and Kancheepuram.
While users within a 1 km radius of a WiMAX BTS can access the Internet with just a USB dongle, those within a 2-5 km radius would require an indoor CPE while subscribers farther away would need to hook up with outdoor equipment.
Pinging on during a demo at the Maraimalainagar BTS area showed a download speed of 2.17 Mbps and upload speed of 1.79 on the USB dongle, 1.97 Mbps (download) and 0.51 (upload) with an indoor CPE and 2.02 Mbps (download) and 1.57 Mbps (upload) with an outdoor CPE.

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